Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look for a car?

Just fill in the Apply For Your Car form and we will find you the best deal.

How long will I be waiting for an offer?

Please allow up to 5 working days for a response.

I am a dealer how do I join

Just fill out the Dealer Enquiry form and a member of the team will review it an be in contact with you to activate your account. Our service is free.

How does work? has a large pool of car dealers form around Ireland and once you enquire about buying a new car we match up your details with the relevant dealers. Then the dealers have 5 working days to place a bid on your enquiry, once the 5 days have elapsed the winning bid i.e. the biggest discount is presented to you. Once you accept, then the details of the Dealer are given to you in order to purchases your new car.

Can I trade in my old car?

Yes. However dealers that provide discounts are only doing so based on a straight sale. On the customer enquiry form there are fields that you can select to fill in details of the trade in however if a discount is sourced it is based on a straight purchase, otherwise the discount can become distorted as values of used cars are variable from dealer to dealer. Feel free to discuss trading in your used car with the dealer who has offered the best discount off list.

Do I have to pay anything to make an enquiry about buying a car?

No. is free for use by customers.

I currently have a vehicle that I need to part exchange – can I do this when purchasing a new car through ?

Yes. All dealerships that partners with can take your current vehicle as a part exchange for the new car.

Are the vehicles on stock vehicles, with undesirable colours/spec?

No. There are no stock or pre-registered vehicles offered on the site. You still order a brand new vehicle through a dealership, in the same way you would if you were not using the system.

Am I obliged to purchase the deal that sources for me?

No. simply inform you of the dealership that can provide the best discount on your desired car, and you are then left with the details to take up the offer, if you wish.

With the discount that can source – would I still be able to purchase the vechicle through a finance package?

Yes. The discount offered is on the list price of the vehicle, but the reduced price can still be financed in the regular way, with the main dealer or through third party finance.

What happens once I enter my details on the site?

Once you have specified the vehicle you are looking to purchase, will return a discounted price by email, if you are happy to continue with this offer we will send you the details of the dealership to purchase it from. From here – you are left to either contact the dealer to purchase or for more information, if you wish to proceed with the order. There is no obligation, so at this point you can choose not to contact the dealer.

Will I be given the ‘hard sell’ once you have my details?

No. We do not believe the ‘hard sell’ approach is the best sales technique for the modern day, savvy internet buyer. achieves its sales through providing the best new car deals on the internet – not through high pressure selling.

I made an enquiry through the website and I received an email to say no discount was found for the car I am looking to buy and spec?

If you receive no response then there may not be any current deals available from the dealership network for this type of car. Some cars that are in extremely high demand and there is a waiting list are examples where discounts may be hard to achieve! Having said that, each enquiry is important as it shows dealerships that you are looking for better deals. For queries that go unresponded we then pass these enquiries on to our trading team who then go to their "preferred" dealers all over the country to get the best discount for you! We are constantly building up our network of traders due to the growing volume of enquiries coming in.

I am looking to sell my car privately rather than trading it in, can you recommend any good websites?

Yes! The best websites to sell your car would be, and .